Writing Prompt #10: On The Run

A bright spring day, and the sweet fragrant blossoms were welcome after leaving the thick air of Chicago. Relaxation, it seems, would have to wait as the St. Louis line slowed and lurched to a stop. Tenny Alverson looked out to see Federal Marshals mounted on horseback, rifles at the ready. Damned telegraph.

There wasn’t a moment to lose. She got up, excused herself from the wretchedly droll conversation with the aged Professor Meyers, and quickly made for the baggage car. A conductor stepped in front of her as she reached out to open the passage door.

“May I help you, Miss?”

“Oh, quite.  I have medicine for my ailing father in the baggage car.”

“Describe the luggage to me ma’am, I would be happy to—“

The sensation was like electric shock. He looked down to see an ivory handled dagger hilt protruding from his chest. Surprise in his eyes turned to watery confusion when he looked at her angelic face. She answered his stare with a quiet shush as she gently helped him slump to the ground. He was dead before his head met the floor.

The knife screeched with complaint as it took both of her hands to pry it from his chest. She cleaned the blade on his pant leg and placed it in her corset.

The lawmen’s mad barks echoed as they boarded the train. Ten seconds later an explosion of splinters burst through the side of the freight car. Tenny had managed to get to Luke’s motored-cycle, and she flew onto the old highway.