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Reel it in!

Howdy! Long time no post.

Todd McGowan and I have began working together to produce short :30 spots in High Definition to showcase our abilities. To accomplish this, we've created an advertising campaign from scratch for a beer that we've decided to call Finnigan's Irish Stout. The mock-commercial would target males 21-45 who watch popular culture channels like MTV, VH1, Spike TV or sports programming... much like most beer commercials do.

Pre-production included the design of a beer label (which I did), and it's placement on a couple of empty beer bottles. Easy and fun enough!

I've enlisted many of my longtime friends: Robby Messer, Jaymi & Jessie Hampton, Mark Throckmorton. Todd and his wife Allison McGowan, and my wife Charlotte Maestas have been pulling our resources to gather props, equipment and locations to make this possible. Hopefully we can get a few more team members help with the production of our second shoot.

Our first shoot was earlier today, which …