04 April 2018

Writing Prompt #20: Ten Thirty One


He’s thirty-one minutes late. Grundy was never good about keeping time, but he’s never left me to wait this long. Something’s happened.

The dishes clatter in the back as broken Spanish curse noodle-fingers and aching backs. I finish up the cold coffee and place a five on the counter. I smile at the waitress and she nodded a wink.

The February chill cut me to the bone. It hadn’t snowed all season; the drought saw to that.

I turned the corner and slipped on wet cement, catching myself against the wall.  Warm and sticky- with a heavy whiff of iron and alcohol… I nearly heave at the sight of Grundy’s headless form prostrate on the ground, arms and hands frozen defensively in front of him. Giant teeth marks where his collarbone should have been said it all- the beast is awake, here, and on the prowl.


Yep. I'm starting these up again. I find my best creative flow when I write. Let me know what you think!

01 March 2018

Finding Focus

My signed copy of Spawn #9.

I had met Todd McFarlane briefly at the 1994 San Diego Comic Con. "Met" probably isn't really the most accurate word- he signed my copy of Spawn #9 (first appearance of Angela). At the time, I was more interested in meeting Greg Capullo, who was Todd's first penciller other than himself who worked on Spawn.

I came across this interview of him on Youtube by Complex, and have realized a number of very strong points that are helping me bring my focus ever sharper. I am dropping my games for now- I need to focus on the sequentials, and I am going to concentrate on ONE property... and I know which one.

Things have been rocky this month- my father-in-law has passed away and that's been rough. We are laying him to rest next week. Some other family items have come up, but life happens while you make other plans. The trick is to stay on course, and this video helped solidify my goals.

17 February 2018

The Perpetual Chase

A few things have happened recently that really cemented my resolve in the direction I should be following; my one true path, so to speak.

I had left my day job a couple of months ago- the original intent was to hone my illustration skills. As it were, I was given an opportunity to work with a friend; while it's a great opportunity for anyone that wants to move into that industry, it simply wasn't the right fit. Aside from that, it clearly demonstrated to me that I had detoured from my original intent of becoming an illustrator.

I know I have a way to go. I tell myself "Gee, if only I had been working on my draftsmanship I'd be pro by now." That's true, but I forget that I have also been working on my storytelling ability through filmmaking. I like to write, but I also love visuals. I have been told BY AN INDUSTRY PRO that I have a firm grasp of storytelling sequentials on par with those working as pros.

So, all this work has not been in vain, and it's an unfair assessment that I don't have any qualifying skills. It's a matter of doing what I was meant to do. In the end, I just need to work on my execution and polishing skills. I'll get there. It's a matter of practice, which I do daily.

Here's an example from a webcomic I had attempted a few years ago, aptly named Tales from the Lost Skies:

I am going to resurrect TFTLS as a personal imprint. I have a number of short stories that would work, including my work with Brian K. Morris and a few other personal projects I had worked on.

SO- I'm writing it here- it's a personal challenge to get going on these and I want some accountability. You can expect these stories as short oneshots (some with cliffhangers):

Queen of Spades
Sirens of Proxima
Ceres Gambit, read my original story
Masked Pilot, written by Brian K. Morris
Unnamed monster hunter story

I am moving forward with becoming a comic book artist. I have printed out the mantra and hung hung this on my wall: I can plan all I want, but without a body of work, I am nothing. GREATNESS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT OBSESSION.

Bleak and bold, but it motivates me.

Here we go!