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Slamdance Screenplay Competition Results

"Corner of the Mind's Eye" has a lot of company in that 2000 screenplays did not make it into the quarter finals.

Slamdance Screenplay Competition Results

It's a bit of a let down, but it really does rely on the fact that the reader's taste fits the screenplay they are screening... or something less subjective like formatting and grammar. I didn't pay extra for coverage when I submitted it, so I guess I'll never know the reason why it didn't make the quarter finals unless I submit it again next year. However, there's plenty of other competitions and it has been a fantastic learning experience for me.

I want to thank all of you who wrote back and wished me luck and words of encouragement... it's always appreciated. I'm not giving up by a long shot, it's just given me more resolve to "get better" at what I need to do!I came across this quote yesterday, and felt it to be very appropriate to my feelings:"Not talent, not even ed…