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Boston Globe Article - "The lost art of film editing"

As I read this, I found myself completely agreeing with the article's author. It's always been something that has annoyed me to no end- the machine gun editing of our modern commercial age. It has it's place- but too much of one thing lessens it's impact on the viewer.

Having worked in television for the past ten years, you see it all the time with news- where it has to be done that way to get the story across... but more and more, the language of cinema in this fast paced world is becoming abbreviated much like the English language gets chopped up in text messages.

Fast food cinema. And we all know what fast food does to you.

Updated Concept Art Gallery

I finally got the concept art gallery up and running again. I'll soon be adding more images to it, including Archangel Alpha Conceptual Art and Two Sides of the Moon.

Lost Skies Facelift

Image had a major facelift a month ago, but I had conceptualized this logo and had been working on refining the look for a while. I'm planning on animating it for the opening slate on all future productions. Let me know what you think!

I've also finished my second feature-length screenplay and have registered it with the Writer's Guild of America. I'll be announcing more on this in weeks to come!

Budgets & Strategy: Part II

So the pitfalls of pre-production all come down to planning.  It's not enough just to "know" what you need.  You need to write it down, figure out how you are going to acquire it, and have an alternate plan in place incase it's not going to work out.  
There is plenty of production software out there.  I've discovered one called Celtx, which is perfect because not only is it FREE (and just because something is free doesn't mean it has value), it is actually really good.  I like to think of Celtx as scriptwriting software on steroids.  Without going too much into the features (you can go to their site to do that yourself),  it is able to categorize items and give detailed information on props, actors, characters, sets, vehicles, livestock, etc.  It also allows you to create backgrounds for your characters, and lets you define why your scenes are important.  
The key feature of this is you can use it on the internet, and create a group that can access all the fil…

Budgets & Strategy: Part I

You know, as I've been paper producing my next project, I've came to a few conclusions that I have found that I need to work on myself, and it's the same problem other filmmakers have:
Of course, you need to budget your money so you know how much you can spend on a set, or that costume with the rhinestone and lights, or if it's going to be sandwiches or pizza for the crew.  That goes without saying.  You'd be surprised how many filmmakers usually skirt around all of this.  Charm only goes so far.  This also goes for available resources- what you can already bring to the film in terms of equipment: lights, camera, greenscreen, yada yada yada.  The favors of others bringing in their gear and what you'll have to barter with.
However, I've also realized what the biggest resource of all:  People's time.  A donation of a person's time is often more valuable than any monitory income you can bring into your film by any investor.  They are sacrificing …