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The Muse decided to pay me a little visit

I wouldn't quite say I'm on a roll, but I have been more productive in the past month than I've been in the few month's prior.

I've done a few things that needed to be finished:

I finished my short film Southside of Elsewhere.I've had tons of (welcome) freelance.I created some concept art for James Cawley.I helped with a friend's film on the 48 Hour Film Project.I created a poster for his film.You can read about SSOE and the 48 on my Lost Skies blog, but for relevance I'll just talk about the concept art and the poster here.

I wracked my brain trying to come up with a concept for his promotional art... so many others have done the gunslinger looking at the dark tower. I decided to put the raven in there- even though it isn't the main character's pet. What I really am proud of is the figure of Roland - his pose says something. I think it turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  Photoshop composite, painting, pencil.

This one came together…

48 Hour Film Project - SLC 2012

Well, I didn't head up a team again this year... I did help out one of my very talented friends- Tony Henrichsen. I've shown some of Tony's work on this blog before in "Vicariously living through my friends" post.  Tony drew the Horror genre this year, and decided to make a werewolf movie! It premieres tonight at the Gateway Megaplex movie theater downtown at 8:30pm.

I didn't do much- I helped find some music and did the titles... I was inspired to do the poster above as well.

The Gunslinger Fan Film

My friend, James Cawley, is gearing up to do a fan film based on Stephen King's "The Gunslinger". He asked me to create some original art based on the book:

It's hard to really deviate from what's already been done. King's imagery is so strong, but I added my own flair with Roland's gesture- reaching out at Brown's bird Zoltan!

The other design consideration is the Dark Tower. I originally had all sorts of spires and a wicked edge to it, but it was unbeliveable, almost cartoonish. I opted for something that is simple, and seems closer to reality- though my version of the tower looks to reach 5 miles high!

Anyway, it's always a pleasure to work with James. I hope you like it!