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Inking, drawing, inking some more...

Buzzfeed posted an article called It's Totally Mesmerizing To Watch Artist Draw Comics.  This is my life right now- learning to ink better. This goes hand in hand with cleaner, more detailed drawings. All this comes from studying and observing.

Actually, that's pretty much all I have been doing lately is trying to soak up techniques like some of what the artists have posted here. It's easy to get caught up in other ways to create art- like digital painting- but I remind myself that will come back as a need in time. Right now I need to get better at inking.

So far, I think I've been doing alright. I just need to keep it up!

Why I left Facebook

So, I gave up Facebook. Why? Well, for starters I was finding that I was unfollowing more and more of my friends- I got tired of the drama, pictures of dinners, selfies, and pictures of injuries (I hate those the most), invites to games and events. I have a few friends that I keep in touch through messaging- but they’re close enough to have my phone number and email address. And if someone truly wants to get a hold of me, they can always contact me through here.

I was finding that it was a huge time-suck. I’d browse through the newsfeed and get caught up in articles that people would post, which didn’t really reflect my interests. I’ve read that Facebook is detrimental to your health- an unhealthy addiction that robs you of your motivation and mental endurance. I don’t think that’s founded, but it sounds very likely in my own experience. And then, there’s the ads! So many promoted items on the newsfeed, it was becoming cluttered. I understand the ads are what makes Facebook free, bu…

No Plan B's.

One of the greatest quotes I’ve ever heard- one that hit me right between the eyes- is one that I heard recently. Will Smith said, “There’s no reason to have a Plan B because it detracts from Plan A.” It’s so true. I’ve always had “lots of irons in the fire” but I could never figure out why I wasn’t making any headway into anything. I mean, I was busy, I had a lot going for me… but success just seemed to elude me.

Fear is a big part of it. I was screwed over by people I trusted, and instead of getting up and dusting off, I used excuses and blaming others for not moving forward… when really, it was because I was fearful of being taken advantage again.

For what? Fear may have kept me safe, but it’s also kept me hidden.

I’ve recently tried concurring my fear for many situations. I am finding confidence in my art and writing. Conversely, I am discovering people don’t always want to know how you feel. The price of facing your fears is high, but the benefits are far-reaching… John Steinbec…