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Session 1138 Premiere!!

Session 1138 premiered last night at the Tower Theatre in Salt Lake City at X96's "Radio From Hell" Film Festival, and it came away with Best Actress for Renny Grames' fantastic performance! Production sound mixer Bob Melanson posted it on Youtube, so here it is in it's entirety:

Great set, cast and crew! Congratulations and thanks for letting me be a part of it!


I normally don't post other people's work on my blog, but this one is really just too good not to share.

Ignoto is a web series out of Spain, by the amazing talents of filmmaking sisters Sonia & Miriam Albert Sobrino. Check out the first episode here- it's in Spanish (myself being from New Mexico but raised in Utah, my Spanish is very rusty, but the important thing is I would be able to follow it if I didn't know any Spanish- the story telling is THAT strong):

The reason I post this is as a lesson in pacing in editing, cinematography, acting and story. They are successful on all fronts. I see so many rushed projects that are are unwatchable, and it's disheartening. I'm most critical of my own projects- especially ones that I am unable to share yet, such as Southside of Elsewhere... Ignoto reminds me that with patience, planning and passion INCREDIBLE work can be achieved and that's exciting.

The most refreshing thing is that in talking to the sisters …

Session 1138 in the Radio From Hell Film Festival

Here it comes! Session 1138 will premiere in the X96 Radio from Hell Film Festival on February 23rd at the Tower Theater in Salt Lake City!

Session 1138 in the Radio From Hell Film Festival


Session 1138: Day One Shooting

I didn't get much of a chance to take very many photos, but we shot all the flashback scenes of the main character's (played by Allan Groves) wasted life.

It was a pretty freeflowing shoot- I got to mix a technicolor cocktail that got a close up for shock value, and also played as an unfortunate visitor that got the business end of fists and kicks.

Sunday is the main shoot- large crew and large cast.  I'll post more as it happens!