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A3 Concept Art and Future Plans

Here is some early concept art for Archangel Alpha.  These were used in early funding pitches.
Alphas Attack

Old Friends Contemplate the War

Elena and the Sea of Glass

Alex's Apartment in Old Rodinia

Aaron has been busy working on his spec trailer, you can read all about his adventures here:

As for Corner of the Mind's Eye... I've been giving this quite a bit of thought.  COTME is essentially a road movie.  Most of the action takes place in the desert, in small towns, a roadside diner, a hospital, a gas station... quite a bit of locations that require quite a bit of money to produce.  That said, I am working on a script revision to help with a weak b-plot and I'd like to shoot a spec trailer to approach others for production funding.  The necessary evil of it... but it's good- people will get paid, the sets will be insured (as they always should be) but the biggest thing is t…

More Archangel Alpha Goodness

Archangel Alpha - Bev's Ascent

Our Fillmore, Utah location scouting trip last fall.

Archangel Alpha - Bev's Ascent from Juan Maestas on Vimeo.

Lostskies Website Update has been re-designed! A couple of little bugs to iron out, but the new look is up. I've also signed up for a new Vimeo Account... I tested it with this clip that I animated a year ago.

Are you ready for Car Time? from Juan Maestas on Vimeo.