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Working it out

Howdy Y’all!

My most sincere apologies for the lack of updates. I have good reason- it has been incredibly busy for both Tracy and me.

Tracy and I are to meet tomorrow to go over the new schedule. My hopes are to at least have one outdoor scene shot by the end of October, and many of the indoor scenes shot during the winter months. Any scene with major fight choreography will most likely be shot in Spring (the diner and the hotel). That’s the strategy, and the meeting will determine solid dates.

Thank you all for hanging in there. It will be worth it. I have mentioned before, I have seen the footage from the previous shoots and the photographic quality is staggering. I will try to get a sample to post so you can compare the difference.

In the meantime, the wonderful Darcy Matthews has been working on beadwork for Crowfoot’s costume (above left). She should have it finished up soon. Laron and Katherine have been rehearsing one of their scenes together, and we've been looking for a cool…

Working Towards Perfection

Rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals.

Laron and Katherine had met to rehearse a very pivotal scene - the introduction of Chloe - on their own at a park during the middle of the week, and then I met with them again at Black Hawk Studios on Saturday Morning to rehearse some more! We worked out timing, and our Executive Producer, Tracy Smith was on hand and helped finesse attitude of the characters much to my appreciation.

A new production schedule should be out this week.

Gearing Up for High Gear in High Country

Today at Black Hawk Entertainment, Inc. Studios was the first time that Corner of the Mind’s Eye lead actors Laron Wilson who plays Joseph Crowfoot, and Katherine Joan Taylor who plays Chloe Saddler, actually got to work together. The scenes sizzled.

We started today's rehearsal at 8:00am with supporting actor Chris Harvey in the Diner hold up scene… Chris was convincing as a startled thug holding a screaming Chloe and dealing with the heroic Crowfoot. We worked on the dramatic tension and Crowfoot’s demeanor. We did not pull any stunts, though, without our stunt coordinator there… but it was all the stuff in between. I was running late this morning and forgot the props, but we substituted with remotes and phones, as you can see Chris menacingly threatening to turn Laron off permanently.

After that, we went out to the studio’s backlot. Chris helped with lines as I ran the Canon XL-1 to capture their performance of the scene that immediately follows the diner hold up. Chloe tries to …