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Southside of Elsewhere



After three years, Southside of Elsewhere will finally have it's online premiere! Tune in to Lost Skies Production on VIMEO on Saturday, May 26th, 2012 at 10:00am MST and watch the hard work of many people!

Here's the official synopsis: A researcher goes on the run when he tries to hide his daughter from becoming the target of a megacorporation's super-soldier project.

I'm excited for all of you to see it!

Neil Gaiman's Timeless Advice for Artists

We've had a rough couple of weeks recently. We've been dealing with the passing of our young nephew, so as you can imagine it's been stressful and heart breaking. I've also had some freelance that needed a quick turn around, which was a much needed diversion.

With everything that has happened, I stumbled on this address from Neil Gaiman to graduates- and he had one striking piece of advice that I know I must follow: When times are rough and life seems overwhelming, make good art.

Now time to follow that advice.

Life is fragile, but goes on.

I keep going back to Milton Caniff's work. It's obvious to me how so many of my inspirations were themselves inspired by him. His work is so cinematic, alive, and timeless. The craftmanship and storytelling alone are incredible, you just don't find much out there that matches it's spirit.

And to look at this picture- I see myself in a few years... I'd like to imagine myself like that anyway...

It's a long ways off.

I'm sorry, though. I have no artwork to post today, and probably won't for a while. On a personal note, my 16 year old nephew died in a car accident this week, and to say it's been hell would be an understatement. He was bright, funny, popular and talented- he had better designs than I did in college. It's been devastating- his father had died 5 years ago and that was just horrible enough. Now, we're reeling, trying to shake off the shock and lay my nephew to rest soon.  Life is short and fragile, so please hold on to you loved ones…

Some more old drawings

Just for fun, I discovered these on my harddrive.  Here are the first five of fifteen older drawings from some comic book pages that I turned into storyboards:

Visual tool

Well, I promised some recent drawings. Hardly any personal stuff right now- my fault of course, but to be fair I have been busy with house and home lately.

My day job is challenging, but sometimes the work very dry. So I get excited when a project comes along that requires me to draw something. A year and a half ago, I was asked to design a mascot, but they opted for another design by a very talented employee whom I've yet to meet. Earlier this week, another department wanted an orientation video, but due to expense they'll have to pitch the idea to the president of our organization... so I was called upon to do some quick storyboards.  By quick, I mean just a couple of hours!

Luckily, due to the nature of the video, it's mostly interviews- and not a lot of b-roll. So the Senior Copywriter pounded out a script and I illustrated the key points. Easy enough... so here's what I quickly put together:

Of course, the copywriter added this to the side of the script. Hopefully t…