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Digital Television and You!

These were written and produced by none other than Todd McGowan! I helped with the "animated" segment by drawing the kids watching TV, and there's some small chunks from "Love's Confession" and the TV Specialists spot in there that I did a few years ago. Car Time's open is also in there!

Enjoy and get edumacated!

Part One

Part Two

Red Scarlet

Holy wow~! I want one! The 3k Red Scarlet

With it having a smaller acquisition of 3k compared to their flagship Red One at 4k, I'm guessing that the price will be proportionately smaller. I guess we'll find out next year.

However, it's always the glass that's the most expensive part, isn't it?

Video Archives - Corner of the Mind's Eye Rehearsals: Summer 2006

Corner of the Mind's Eye - Rehearsals Summer 2006 from Juan Maestas on Vimeo.

Laron Wilson and Katherine Joan Taylor rehearsing a scene behind Black Hawk Entertainment's Studios for Corner of the Mind's Eye back in the summer of 2006. Directed and shot by Juan Maestas on a Canon XL-1.