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Downshifting to Second

Someone once told me that I use a lot of car-analogies. I find that they help explain abstracts to a confusing idea- like taking that slow turn so you don't spin out of control. I slipped that one in on purpose.

In anycase, the production goes on. This weekend, originally scheduled for a night shoot on a motel parking lot, is being used for some rehearsal time with our two leads, Laron and Katherine and a supporting actor, Chris Harvey. There are a few dramatic elements that I wanted to address in two totally different situations, plus it will be fun working with the actors to flesh out their characters. I'm excited, and I'm sure they are too.

An old friend of mine (who is a graphic design professor at a local college) asked if it would be okay for his students to design a poster/dvd/logo for our movie. He told me I didn't need to use any of it if I didn't want, but I said "Hey, you never know what some of these students can do!" I am covered on the …