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Space Western!

My next entry for Comicvine's Artist Showoff Character Creation contest #64- A Space Western! There's actually three different characters. It's not as painterly as I wanted it- but that will take practice. Actually, this is the first "finished" illustration I've done in a long time that depicts an actual situation, and not a pinup. Special shoutout to my buddy Mark Green for giving me some reference poses- it really helped put this illustration together on such a limited time.

Here's the descriptor I used on Comicvine:

Cal 10862 had narrowly escaped the slave camps on Epsilon Alpha IV, losing his arm along the way. He's since become the fastest draw this side of the Orion Frontier. But while the gunfighter's reputation has earned him many jobs, it's also earned him a spot on the Imperium's Ten Most Wanted list!

Now on to the next contest: Medusa!

Iron Frost 2

Well, here was one of my Iron Frost sketches that I decided to ink and color. It turned out decent, but it wasn't the design I wanted to enter into the Comicvine contest. I was late in entering anyway, but I wanted to finish it.

This one has the classic Iron Man coloring. In all honesty, there's no way to tell this is Emma Frost. That's why I didn't use it.

I've been working on my Space Western illustration. I have a solid concept for it, but I need some figure and hat reference for it. I'm approaching it in an old school illustration way. I've asked my friend Mark Green to pose for me so I can get the angle of the hat just right, and to also get the pose just right. I'm excited for it- I think it will turn out!

Iron Frost

Comicvine had another contest for the amalgam of Iron Man and Emma Frost. Between work schedules, sick kids, and lack of inspiration I couldn't pull it together in time. But I did work on a color comp before my final illustration, and since I didn't make the deadline to enter it, I might as well show it here.

I went for those Lisa Frank stationary sort of colors. It works okay. The armor is uninspired, the problem I had is that I don't feel that Emma Frost would wear a helmet- she's too vain. But it's the helmet that's iconic about Iron Man. Oh well. Chalked up to another learning experience.

In the meantime, my Captain Cody had won the character creation contest, and for the next contest, I picked SPACE WESTERN- with inspiration the likes of Firefly, Bravestarr, and the Galaxy Rangers. I have a really good idea already cooked up for that one, I just need to get my stuff together and actually do it!!! I gave a deadline of April 1st.


For Comicvine's Artist Showoff #100 (that I got to choose). I went with a 90s animated look... I'm not happy about the anatomy- especially in the arms and legs. Admittedly, I struggled with this one a bit- redrew him 4 times. I learned quite a bit, and I do feel that this is one of the most dynamic poses I've ever done! Keep on keepin' on!

My Captain Cody of Galaxy Patrol won the Cyborg contest on Character Design #63... I need to figure out what to do for that one.

Captain Cody of Galaxy Patrol!

Another Comicvine forum contest!  Here's the write up about this character, kind of made up on the spot:

Captain Cody of Galaxy Patrol was in a debilitating accident while saving passengers on a space yacht that was caught in the shockwave of a supernova. His new cybernetic arms can harness the plasma energy in space, which he can discharge as powerful energy blasts. His mission- to hunt down all the pirates that caused the star to explode!

Cheesy, no?

Anyway, it was a fun exercise and good warm up to OMEGA RED- which is due very soon!