Quick Dejah Thoris pen sketch

I haven't drawn Dejah Thoris for nearly twenty years. I admit, this one is a little sloppy. Actually, I'm not happy with it at all. However, that's how you improve- you put the successes out there AND the failures, and you learn from them pushing yourself to get better next time.

It started out as a quick sketch, then I broke out the ink. I didn't really spend much of time on anatomy... it was simply experimenting with tools and having some fun. Her hair got away from me- I dried out my brush pen on her it. All in all, it turned out okay. I think I'll put her into an action pose next time, fix the anatomy, more detail on her costume and accessories... and not let the hair be so wild!

I was furious at the liberties taken with the story in last year's movie. I'm a book purist, and frankly I feel that they wrecked the feel of the story. I could go on and on, but in the end, the effects were amazing, even though the feeling of it was not. It didn't even come close the the vision I have had Barsoom in my head.

In other news, my Martian Manhunter entry for the Comicvine Artist Showoff has won! It was a close contest, but I made it! So what do I win? I get to chose the next subject for contestants to draw for the Artist Showoff #100- a milestone for the forum to boot! The only frustrating thing is that I forgot my forum pass word and the site is undergoing maintenance until the end of February- and their password recovery tool is disabled! Frustrating!