Loss brings me back to the Workshop

It's been a very hard winter. My dad passed away after a long fight with cancer and Parkinson's, and we laid him to rest with full military honors just a week ago. He is the one who got me into comic books, movies, and cars. He took me to my first air show, and he loved adventure stories.

So, this next project is very personal to me. It is a high adventure comic series that will have the classic feel of all the old serials, and will certainly be in the Milton Caniff school of cartooning- with a heavy dose of my other heroes: Al Williamson, Wally Wood, and Mark Schultz.

As you can see here, I'm preparing some reference material- the heroine's plane- a P-38. I haven't built a model since my dad gave me my last one when I was 13, so it's a mess. It certainly has been a journey of memories, though.

I will be formally announcing the title and character sketch soon, as I can finish them- probably on my birthday next month. And you may have noticed, I've taken more steps in consolidation of projects and efforts by even merging all my blogs into my longtime standing Lost Skies blog. It's time to simplify so I can focusa lesson I learned from my dad.

So, with all the renewed efforts with the upcoming web comic, all I can say is "This one's for you, Dad. I'll be seeing you again, one day."