The Cisco Kid, Volume 1

The Cisco Kid: Volume 1. Now Available For $24.95
I'm really looking forward to getting this- I just placed my order through Amazon. But a bit of background- I first came across Jose Luis Salinas' artwork while perusing Comic Art Fans' website. I've always loved the adventure comic strip, I used to cut and save many of them when I was younger- usually Prince Valiant, Spiderman, The Empire Strikes Back, Tarzan, etc. I was always taken by the draftmanship of these cartoons... ever since I was 4 years old. Seriously.

When I came across Salinas' work I was awe-struck. Anatomy, expression, landscape, light and shadow, sequential storytelling, costumes and props, inkwork... I could go on and on. AND it was all done BY HAND, nothing digital at all about it. No crutches of 3d software or anything- just plain old talent and skill.  You hardly see anything like that anymore. I'll leave that rant for another time.

However, there are many articles about Salinas throughout the web, and many examples of his art. When I found that Classic Comic Press was compiling a series of books, I was ECSTATIC!!! I hope I can gleam some sort of education from owning this, to help my own adventure cartooning and inking. Between that and Kubert School's Correspondence Course, it's just a matter of time and discipline.

Looking across their site, I've discovered another strip that I might have to get- Frank Godwin's Rusty Wiley- amazing stuff. Looks like the folks over at Classic Comic Press will be getting quite a bit of my money- and I'll gladly give it to them for such amazing books!