Not what I expected

Still worth the price!
I got my copy of "The Cisco Kid" yesterday... and while it was exciting to get, I am slightly disappointed with it.

While I could only imagine what effort it was to find and compile 3 years worth of strips from 60 years ago, it looks as if the scans were from actual news paper proofs, or in some cases actual clippings. Being a graphic artist, I can see tell tale signs of degradation and cleaning effort.  Plus, the original film process and printing onto porous newspaper would really destroy half of Salinas' work to boot.

What I was expecting (though unrealistically)? Scans of the original art- like here: Salinas- Cisco Kid on Comic Art Fans. What is printed in the book is very different.

However- my expectations were extremely high. I will still treasure this book and read it- the story is entertaining and the art is still wonderful.  It's clean and the publishers did the best that anyone could do with such a rare, old and complete series.