Ships sailing the skies...

Note the Spanish flag on the main mast... a nod to my heritage.

The original idea I had when I came up with name "Lost Skies" was based on the "lost lands" literary motiff: undiscovered country, new horizons, lost civilizations... that sort of thing.  What better way to explore the proverbial 'Lost Skies' than on a ship sailing through the clouds?  That was the idea for this logo- which I used for a number of years.  However, as a logo, you really could never see the illustration technique of the boat and the clouds- it didn't really "read" the way I wanted it.

Still, it captures my imagination. Enough so that I've decided to use it as a title for my web comic strip (currently under development) "Tales of the Lost Skies". It would be an anthology series, like the Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories, Tales from the Crypt, Weird War, Weird Fantasy, Mystery in Space, etc. This way I will be able to experiment with one shots, or short story arcs allowing me to visit all sorts of different stories across multiple genres.  Maybe I'll breathe new life into the above logo into a title graphic.