The Perpetual Chase

A few things have happened recently that really cemented my resolve in the direction I should be following; my one true path, so to speak.

I had left my day job a couple of months ago- the original intent was to hone my illustration skills. As it were, I was given an opportunity to work with a friend; while it's a great opportunity for anyone that wants to move into that industry, it simply wasn't the right fit. Aside from that, it clearly demonstrated to me that I had detoured from my original intent of becoming an illustrator.

I know I have a way to go. I tell myself "Gee, if only I had been working on my draftsmanship I'd be pro by now." That's true, but I forget that I have also been working on my storytelling ability through filmmaking. I like to write, but I also love visuals. I have been told BY AN INDUSTRY PRO that I have a firm grasp of storytelling sequentials on par with those working as pros.

So, all this work has not been in vain, and it's an unfair assessment that I don't have any qualifying skills. It's a matter of doing what I was meant to do. In the end, I just need to work on my execution and polishing skills. I'll get there. It's a matter of practice, which I do daily.

Here's an example from a webcomic I had attempted a few years ago, aptly named Tales from the Lost Skies:

I am going to resurrect TFTLS as a personal imprint. I have a number of short stories that would work, including my work with Brian K. Morris and a few other personal projects I had worked on.

SO- I'm writing it here- it's a personal challenge to get going on these and I want some accountability. You can expect these stories as short oneshots (some with cliffhangers):

Queen of Spades
Sirens of Proxima
Ceres Gambit, read my original story
Masked Pilot, written by Brian K. Morris
Unnamed monster hunter story

I am moving forward with becoming a comic book artist. I have printed out the mantra and hung hung this on my wall: I can plan all I want, but without a body of work, I am nothing. GREATNESS CANNOT BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT OBSESSION.

Bleak and bold, but it motivates me.

Here we go!