Finally kicking up some dirt!

inDELLible has been going great- though I haven’t been as fast as I’d like. Speed will come with time, and since there hasn’t been an official ‘time-limit’, I’ve been making sure that the art work is the best I can do. I still feel like it’s rough, but it’s a great learning opportunity to work with the likes of Daerick Gross, Sr. I can’t show much right now, but here’s a tidbit I’ve shared on FB:
Captain Tornado!
 I still have a couple of other stories to do for inDELLible. The next story is for “The Masked Pilot”- I’m guessing he’s sort of a Lone Ranger of the air. I’m excited for this one because I get to draw my favorite of all vintage planes: The Grumman Goose!

I’ve been doing quite a bit of illustration for my day job. We’ve been developing a simulation for an economics course based on Dune. Here are some avatars I was asked to create:
The Macroeconomics of Dune avatars.
 I’m continuing to work hard and hone my draftsmanship skills... nothing else really to report, though I’ll make a tighter effort to keep the updates coming more frequently.

I won’t lie; it’s been a rough, historic week. It’s been interesting, and I’ve had a hard time focusing on work that needs to be done. But, it’s time to get back to work.