Iron Frost

Comicvine had another contest for the amalgam of Iron Man and Emma Frost. Between work schedules, sick kids, and lack of inspiration I couldn't pull it together in time. But I did work on a color comp before my final illustration, and since I didn't make the deadline to enter it, I might as well show it here.

I went for those Lisa Frank stationary sort of colors. It works okay. The armor is uninspired, the problem I had is that I don't feel that Emma Frost would wear a helmet- she's too vain. But it's the helmet that's iconic about Iron Man. Oh well. Chalked up to another learning experience.

In the meantime, my Captain Cody had won the character creation contest, and for the next contest, I picked SPACE WESTERN- with inspiration the likes of Firefly, Bravestarr, and the Galaxy Rangers. I have a really good idea already cooked up for that one, I just need to get my stuff together and actually do it!!! I gave a deadline of April 1st.