The Muse decided to pay me a little visit

I wouldn't quite say I'm on a roll, but I have been more productive in the past month than I've been in the few month's prior.

I've done a few things that needed to be finished:

  • I finished my short film Southside of Elsewhere.
  • I've had tons of (welcome) freelance.
  • I created some concept art for James Cawley.
  • I helped with a friend's film on the 48 Hour Film Project.
  • I created a poster for his film.
You can read about SSOE and the 48 on my Lost Skies blog, but for relevance I'll just talk about the concept art and the poster here.

Concept/promotional art for James Cawley's fan film THE GUNSLINGER.
I wracked my brain trying to come up with a concept for his promotional art... so many others have done the gunslinger looking at the dark tower. I decided to put the raven in there- even though it isn't the main character's pet. What I really am proud of is the figure of Roland - his pose says something. I think it turned out pretty good, even if I do say so myself.  Photoshop composite, painting, pencil.

Illustrated movie poster for Tony Henrichsen's 48hfp entry THE BEAST WITHIN
This one came together very fast. I had an immediate idea- kind of a black velvet painting with the beast and lots of splatter, nasty chompers. The title is a graphic element that support the illustration. I actually decided to make the eyes blue instead of red for one of my red-green colorblind friends... I felt that they would probably get lost in the mix if they were red. Photoshop painting.

Big stuff coming soon!