Flaming Hot Surprise

Photo by Mike Berry, courtesy The Wichita Eagle at Kansas.com. Please buy some of their prints- it's worth it!
I love the title of the article.  Kansas.com has a gallery feature of a family who pulled together to fix up their son's 1972 Pontiac LeMans as a surprise when he came home on leave from Afghanistan.  Here's the link to the story told through a gallery of pictures: Flaming Hot Surprise.

I can appreciate the flames- I love the way they did the graphic lines and I absolutely LOVE the interior.  Looking at it, the grill, the automatic transmission, and the factory emblem, this was a Luxury edition like mine.  I was seriously thinking about finding a sports edition grille to replace the luxury grille until I saw this article.

Hats off to the family for restoring this, and thanks to The Wichita Eagle for bringing us this story!