Definitely needs a carb kit. Definitely.
Sorry about the delay in posts- it's getting cold and I've been doing some winterizing around the house... so I haven't had any chance to play. However, when I went to start up the LeMans to move it over in the garage to make room for my other car, and as I did a gigantic fireball flew out the carburetor! It backfired. Completely my fault, I knew better- the choke is missing and the carburetor is tuned really rich- a note the previous owner warned me about, and in my haste I certainly had a close call.

I need to rebuild the carb anyway. It's a 2bbl Rochester 2GV, and I've discovered many places with kits and detailed manuals to rebuild it. Sure, I could just replace it with a newly rebuilt one, but where's the fun in that?

After the carb rebuild, the fuel tank is next on the replace list.