Ideas are ethereal

Ideas are ethereal. They’re out there. You may be lucky enough to catch it; when you do, it’s your obligation to do something with it. If not, it goes back out into the ether and someone else will catch it sooner or later.

A couple of years ago I had an idea about a near future where the human race was stretching into the solar system. People mostly lived in habitats on the moon, Mars, the asteroid belt and the Jovian moons. I even started a web comic titled “Tales of the Lost Skies” using this very blog’s name.

Tales of the Lost Skies, January 2014

I also had a few stories that I wanted to integrate into it:
Mushroom Moonshine
Ceres Gambit

But, I lost interest. I didn’t develop it, and it slipped out of my fingers.

Today, I watched the online premiere of Syfy’s show “The Expanse”. I loved it. They did a better job with the story as well as the revenue to truly make it an enjoyable show. And, it made me realize that I let that idea slip back into the ether- whether it was even mine to begin with. I make no claim on what they created- it’s just a similar idea and we’re all products of remixes.

My point here is that Ideas are meaningless if they aren’t implemented with passion. My motivation for TOTLS was lukewarm at best. But it made me realize that I need to develop something new and follow through with it so I can claim it as my own.

Check out “The Expanse” on or wait for the premiere next month- it’s a fantastic show and I can’t wait to see where it goes!