Humble Pie

Being humbled is never easy.

It’s great to know that I write compelling stories, but it’s better to know I need to work on story structure, character arcs, and, well, putting a sentence together.

It’s the opportunity to look at my previous work with a more critical eye. It’s easy to become complacent in anything you do- whether it be writing, drawing, or keeping up the yard. We tend to look for the easy way out, and to look for things we find familiar. When the familiar draws us, we get stuck into patterns and years pass by without anything of value to show.

I am planning some major changes in my life... some pretty severe ones. As you know, I’m trying to get back into filmmaking, but talking and dreaming isn't enough. There are no excuses to NOT PICK UP THE CAMERA AND BEGIN SOMETHING.

I came across a few ideas online, and the one that really lit the long idle tinder was a site devoted to one-minute short films called Filminute. What can you do in a minute? Well, look at any commercial- they do it in thirty seconds. So, in the interest in not getting caught up in a large production and just the simple act of getting a move on, I’m going to do a series of one-minute shorts with as high production value as I can get out of them.

My near future plans include a couple of mini-shorts (1 to 3 minutes), the Salt Lake City 48 Hour Film Project competition in June, and a longer short film later in the summer. I do have a few feature film script ideas I’d like to explore and perhaps even begin pre-production this fall- it depends on which script pulls me in the most.

Upward and onward!