Clearing Out the Mind Clutter

Introspection seems to be a reoccurring process for me this time of year, as it is with most people I'd suppose. 2014 hasn't been a difficult year, but it hasn't been a walk-in-the-park either.

I've learned many lessons about myself; work habits, work personality, that a passing interest doesn't always become a new passion. I've admitted to myself that writing is more the core of my being than illustration. I've discovered quite plainly that I hate working on cars. I've embraced minimalism as a lifestyle (which I'm transitioning into slowly... hard to clean house when it's 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I've become active again. I've given up Facebook and it's changed me for the better. And, I don't always half to have a project going on (which I still do have many).

The biggest thing, quite possibly related to minimalism, is that sometimes you just need to let go of the people who were a big part of your life... whether it be family, friends, or past aggressors. All three for me in this case. Sometimes, as much as you love them (or dwell on them), it's just holding you back from growing as a person. They know you only as one way, and that's the whole dynamic of who they think you are and how your relationship is with them. And for those that have passed, I guess the same can be said for their memories.

So, there are many things I'd like to accomplish in Twenty-Fifteen, but if anything, this will be a year where I realign myself- a reassessment of all my beliefs, desires, thoughts, attitudes, plans, and even memories. I'm taking stock and reinvesting in my life. In short, I'm rebooting.

I will say this for certain: expect more posts this year. I will be writing more, and becoming more and more involved with this website. I've been writing a ton of flash fiction, now it's time to share it and get some opinions. I think it's time to lift the filter and really say what's on my mind.

Happy New Year!