Real Drawing Skill Earns My Respect!

In the video above, Sergio Cariello discusses his artistic approach. I've been storyboarding a feature length film, and I utilize some of the ideas he talks about... but I've learned more in this video.

Tom Floyd over at Captain Spectre and the Lightning Legion is now an official ERB artist, drawing the new Carson Napier of Venus Strip. Tom is retired and is making a go in his second career as a pulp comic artist. I've been following Tom at his blog- I love his style. And, he's doing what I want to do... and I can see myself in his path in twenty years.

Working with your hands, actually drawing and gaining skill is far more impressive than using reskinned, off-the-shelf digital puppets and calling it your own art. It's a crutch. Learn to draw well and find success on your own merit.