Life is fragile, but goes on.

I keep going back to Milton Caniff's work. It's obvious to me how so many of my inspirations were themselves inspired by him. His work is so cinematic, alive, and timeless. The craftmanship and storytelling alone are incredible, you just don't find much out there that matches it's spirit.

And to look at this picture- I see myself in a few years... I'd like to imagine myself like that anyway...

It's a long ways off.

I'm sorry, though. I have no artwork to post today, and probably won't for a while. On a personal note, my 16 year old nephew died in a car accident this week, and to say it's been hell would be an understatement. He was bright, funny, popular and talented- he had better designs than I did in college. It's been devastating- his father had died 5 years ago and that was just horrible enough. Now, we're reeling, trying to shake off the shock and lay my nephew to rest soon.  Life is short and fragile, so please hold on to you loved ones, you never know what happens from one day to the next.

In the meantime, distraction from dwelling keeps me going. I just hope Jacob can continue with his artwork up there as well.