Taking Stock in my Stock Car

So, I was all excited to put those Rallys on the car this weekend.  I got a new 2 ton jack and some jack stands and popped the hubcaps off only to discover this on both back wheels:
Yeah.  And I don't have the key.  Luckily, I was able to find the correct one online- but I'll have to buy the entire wheel lock set just so I can have a key- only about $25.  

I know I could probably get this thing off by tapping on a socket and using a breaker bar... but I don't want to ruin the lock or messing with my bearings if I don't have to.

As promised, here are some pictures of the fuel tank intake- you can see what I mean about it being mangled and not taking a gas cap.  Not safe at all.  Replacing the fuel tank is the first item on my list.
Licence Plate Door

"This doesn't look good."
"What the #@$%!? Oh man!"
I really think it's because someone pried off a lock cap.  
Here are some undercarriage pictures of the tank:

On the opposite end of the fuel system is the vapor canister.  I am going to replace the filter on that.

I wanted to also show the carburetor- it's a Rochester GV 2bbl, which came standard with the Pontiac 350.  You can see the serial numbers too:
Definitely needs a carb kit. Definitely.

I actually came across a website that explains what all these numbers mean- I'll have to dig it up and post it!

Alrighty, more coming soon... and wish me luck with that wheel lock!!!