Gearing Up for High Gear in High Country

Today at Black Hawk Entertainment, Inc. Studios was the first time that Corner of the Mind’s Eye lead actors Laron Wilson who plays Joseph Crowfoot, and Katherine Joan Taylor who plays Chloe Saddler, actually got to work together. The scenes sizzled.

We started today's rehearsal at 8:00am with supporting actor Chris Harvey in the Diner hold up scene… Chris was convincing as a startled thug holding a screaming Chloe and dealing with the heroic Crowfoot. We worked on the dramatic tension and Crowfoot’s demeanor. We did not pull any stunts, though, without our stunt coordinator there… but it was all the stuff in between. I was running late this morning and forgot the props, but we substituted with remotes and phones, as you can see Chris menacingly threatening to turn Laron off permanently.

After that, we went out to the studio’s backlot. Chris helped with lines as I ran the Canon XL-1 to capture their performance of the scene that immediately follows the diner hold up. Chloe tries to convince Crowfoot to let her tag along.

Although I’ve been told that script directing (meaning writing in notes of how the characters should act at a certain point in a scene) is frowned upon by many “professionals” … I have found that it really helps staging a scene and reminding me of the tempo and heat of the scene. It was great fun and Chris came up with some fantastic suggestions that helped augment the relative fun and quirkiness of the scene.

What fantastic chemistry Laron and Katherine have. I can’t wait to see this scene come together when we head out to the Diner location in the beautiful Uinta Mountains on the Utah-Wyoming border in a few weeks. If we hit it right, we might just get some outragious fall colors.

We will have more rehearsals in the coming weeks to keep the juices flowing. We’re doing good.

Writer/Director “Corner of the Mind’s Eye”
Lost Skies Productions/Black Hawk Entertainment, Inc.