Behind the Scenes

We've been burning the midnight oil, so to speak.
  • PROP WORK: Did you know it's a nono to use name brand products on screen without approval? Something about copyright infringement. So, take a look at Lost Skies brand of beer- Tijuana Ale! Mmmm mmmm! Fake beer never tasted so good.
  • AUDITIONS: We are currently negotiating Audition and Rehearsal space. Auditions will still be held on June 3rd. The location will be announced soon!
  • CREW: Get to know the crew. "Crew Offices" have been set up to showcase their talent and experience.
  • STAFF POSITION: Costume Designer/Tailor wanted, preferably an advanced student wanting exposure and experience. Professionals also welcome. Non-Paid. However, Lost Skies will cover the cost of materials. Email inquiries here.