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Across the Unoverse

2018 is going to be a great year.

I’m not one to make such pronouncements. Although I’m an idealist at heart, I’ve been burned by too many bad partnerships to make me very wary. This isn’t one of those times; in fact, this is one of those partnerships that is a milestone in my life and my career.
I’ve been friends with Rodney Olmos for 20 years. We first worked together in a little family-owned phone directory business, as underpaid /under-appreciated graphic designers.I’ve watched his career blossom and burgeon in the video game arena- working at Avalanche Software and eventually going to Smartbomb Interactive (which would become Wildworks) going on to art direct huge titles like Animal Jam (below).

You see all that art and the logo- that’s Rodney. Sure, there were other artists as he’d be the first to point out- but the design, the concept, the worlds… it was his. He really is one of the most brilliant people I know.
We’ve been great friends for years- always encouraging to each oth…