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Use what you've got. Just make films.

I use multiple higher end cameras like the Canon 7d, 7dmkii, 5dmkiii, C100, etc, but they all belong to my day job. I hadn’t bought anything for myself in about 10 years.

I want to start up a series of shorts again, and since I’m unable to use my work’s equipment, and I was taken by this particular video:

The $400 Camera Rig

I still think the rig is genius, but finding reliable Canon EOS M cameras is becoming harder and harder. I had ordered one, and found that it didn’t record any images, which pretty much made the camera useless. I immediately returned it.

I was fed up. I decided I didn’t want to mess around with consumer cameras until I could afford what I really want- which will be some time off.

Sitting frustrated, I remembered I was talking to a photographer friend of mine who said she was embarrassed that she now takes photos on her iPhone. I told her “Who cares about the gear?” and referred her to this fantastic video by Ted Forbes:

Art of Photography: Why Gear Doesn’t Matter