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SLRs and Rangefinders and Light Meters... oh my!

My rekindled interest in film photography (by way of 8mm and 16mm movie film) has made me want to start shooting some 35mm film again. I went to play with my mechanical Vivitar SLR and it was missing. It wasn't in the case, and I began to suspect it may have either been stolen or I had left it somewhere. In any case, I had spent four days tearing our house apart looking for it, but to no avail.

It's upsetting.

Then I remembered something...

Ten years ago, I had purchased a Canon Rebel-X film camera from a classified ad for $40. I only wanted the lens and the body sat on a shelf collecting dust. So I picked it up, dusted it off, bought a couple of CR123A lithium batteries and added my nifty 50mm EF lens to it. I have just ran two rolls through it and I'm excited to see the outcome of them. I also became a little spoiled with the auto load, auto rewind, the easy exposure meter, and general fantastic electronics on it. I still want a mechanical camera, but again... so nice to…