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iPhone Telecine?

A little Robin Hood on Super 8. Note there is no flicker.
Like many other indie filmmakers, I am dirt poor. Because of that, I’m a diehard DIY fanatic. I have made cookie tin DOP adapters and have scrappy looking equipment. I make due with what I have, and I get very creative and resourceful if I cannot afford a method or equipment to accomplish a goal.
So, now I am trying to figure out the best way to make a film ON film. I am deciding the pros and cons of using Super 8 vs. 16mm. I have cameras in both formats- which is more than most people could say 30 years ago.
However, the price of film is hard to stomach. I’ve searched high and low on how to digitize footage after it’d done. Now, many places charge .17+ cents a foot. That can add up really fast. Again, looking at my means, I have been playing around with a simple telecine method using an iPhone and projector.

Super 8 is back in the limelight

I admit, I'm excited by Kodak's announcement at CES regarding their new digital assisted Super 8 camera. The reason? There hasn't been an affordable new Super 8 camera for more than 30 years.

But it's not the first new super 8 camera to come out recently. The superb Logmar Super 8 camera was announced last year, and despite it's incredibly beautiful HD quality footage, the $6,000 pricetag is prohibitive for most independent filmmakers.

Kodak says that the pricepoint will be between $400 - $750 dollars depending on the model. With it's c-mount lens system, you might be just as well to buy the basic model and upgrade the lens yourself. Again, all speculation until this hits the market.

It also houses an SD card and digital audio capture system. Chances are you will need to slate your shot or give some sort of audio/visual mark so you can sync your footage with your sound files. This is NOT a consumer camera, so there's a lot of work you'll need to do to …