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Lifestyle changes

So, I have been writing quite a bit. I was writing a bit of flash fiction every night (which I'll share in my next few upcoming posts), but I've bought a couple of manual typewriters to stay off the computer and focus more. It certainly takes more awareness of the process- the only spell checker is a handy dictionary to my left.

Here's what they look like:

The black one is actually brand new- it's a Royal Epoch Manual I bought off Amazon for $153, it has a meaty feel to the keys and is fairly robust. The characters jump a little bit, but it doesn't have any other real issues other than the tab coming undone after five or six uses.  It didn't do that before, but I now have about 200 pages worth of use out of this thing.

The off-white one is an older Royal Safari III. The key action is very light and delicate. I had to replace the ribbon and I think the scroll bar is off a hair, because the lines of type skew upwards a millimeter as I write a line of text. I foun…