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Two Features and a Graphic Novel

WOW! It's been a bit. Again, I've been busy with all that life brings and happy to do so. Right now I am working on artwork for two features. The first one is called "The Story of a Satellite, Rafael and the Mother Who Gave Birth to Him"- a Galacian feature film by the amazing ALSO Sisters set to film this summer. I'm helping with some onscreen artwork. I had reviewed their work for a webisode called IGNOTO a couple of years ago. They are amazingly talented and after reading the script, I can completely see this film going to Sundance and Cannes! I could easily go on and on about how how talented they are, and how much success they'll see. They have an Indiegogo campaign- please donate and become a part of a future hit!

The second feature is with director Lonzo Liggins. I'm not sure if we're at the point of openly talking about the film, but I will say it's a hilarious comedy! I am helping with storyboards and marketing materials and there are qu…