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Southside of Elsewhere

Logline: Where would you go if all that you were... was erased?

A researcher and his family become fugitives when his former employer becomes interested in his young daughter's intellectual abilities.

Southside of Elsewhere is the second of a trilogy of short films that are precursors to a future-noir feature that is in pre-production.

Pre-production began back in November '08. I met with Bob Lanoue and Katherine Taylor of Friendly Universe Productions, and Antonio Lexerot of Lexerot Entertainment. I had asked Katherine and Antonio of they would play the leads, Callie and Sam Merrill, a divorced couple with joint custody of their daughter, Vivian.

From there, Bob and Katherine helped by introducing me to many talented actors and crew. Unfortunately, Bob needed to back out due to family matters though has followed us as closely as he could. Katherine introduced me to Carrie and Paul Dawson, a fantastic MUA and Photographer couple. Carrie helped me round out the rest of th…