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Back to the Future... again.

The final cut is almost finished on Oisin, than the audio edit should go fairly fast, than it will be passed back to my friend and fellow filmmaker Russ Adams to finish his sound design, than he'll send it off to the composer to get scored.

Salt of the Earth needs pickups. We're working on what and when, but it will be a bit before we can go back out. Than sound design, etc etc and that will be finished.

While I've been home, I've been hit with a ton of inspiration on the re-write of an old friend: Corner of the Mind's Eye. Essentially, being away from it for a year or so has given me an opportunity to look on it again with fresh eyes, and I can see within the story structure why it didn't make the cut for the Slamdance Screenplay Competition a year ago. The "B-Plot" was underdeveloped...which I knew, but once I went and wrote up a "history of the story's world" everything came together: The intrigue- the conspiracy- the drama- the heart …