Kicking up the Settling Dust

Inktober 2019 came and went- and I actually managed to post a piece of art every single day. To be fair, I didn’t follow any prompts; I simply used a list for illustrations I needed for a table top card game I had designed, and when I got bored of that I did whatever. You can check out my Instagram profile to see the fruits of my month of madness.

That said, I wanted to continue to create creating ink illustrations. I don’t want to lose the huge gains I made improving my skill, and it gave me time to think about what I want to do. I am caught in a world between filmmaking and drawing. I seesaw in it because I like doing both, but if I want to gain true mastery I know I need to drop one or the other. The thing is I don’t want to.

That said, above is a drawing I did of a character from one of my feature-length screenplays which I want to adapt to graphic novel. I like the way she turned out, and it is close to the style I plan on making my oneshot comic. I originally had another idea for the oneshot, but I might go with this paranormal-noir script I have.

I just need to refine the idea into something workable. It always goes back to writing in that regard.

Right now my two main influences are Mark Schultz and Paul Pope. The two are extreme opposite when it comes to execution, but I find that love both styles and want to incorporate their art dna into my next project. I don’t know if it will be successful, but I intend to have fun exploring it!