I’ve been a professional graphic designer since 1997. Eleven of those years were in broadcast television- winning 3 awards including an Emmy in 2003. I've been working in Higher Education ever since; first in marketing, then on the multimedia team in curriculum development as a Learning Experience Specialist in Multimedia (Graphic Design, Illustration, and Video Production).

My reoccurring goal is be a comic book artist, though I had a bout of wanting to be a filmmaker for a while. I’ve written, shot, and edited a number of short films. I also enjoy creating tabletop games, drawing weird scifi webcomics, and writing screenplays that will likely never see the light of production.

I should mention that I am no longer on Facebook. Nothing against the platform, it just took too much of my time!

However you can find me at:
Email: lostskies7 (at) gmail
Instagram: instagram.com/lostskies7
Vimeo: vimeo.com/lostskies