COVID, Creative Writing, and Comics

Experimenting with Procreate


It’s been a while since I’ve posted—and I have been busy with school since then. It takes up most of my free-time—time that I would normally use to develop projects or even just spending it on family. I know that having a degree will help me, but I'll admit, it's been rough from time to time. While I find my literature classes interesting, they can be taxing. That said, I'm gaining new tools in my repertoire and I believe it's improved my writing.

Work has been… well, work. Thanks to COVID and the lockdown, we’re serving a reduced and specific purpose and our team has shrunk considerably. Working from home has advantages and disadvantages… lack of social contact has really affected me the most, though. I miss casual contact with coworkers as well as making new friends from simple proximity and conversation. It’s a hard deal… but deal we must. I've known many people who have had the virus- many have suffered, and I just found out that a family friend passed from it.

Lockdown has given me a chance to rewatch all my favorite comic book movies, and some new shows such as WandaVision.  Everytime I see that Marvel Studios open my hair stands on end. It inspires me to create!



As I have been writing, I’ve been eyeing some of my shelved comic book projects. I love comics, have a fair-sized collection, and if you’ve been reading this blog you’ll see I’ve flirted with it for a very, very, very long time. I wanted to be a comic artist early on, but wrestled with my slow development and short attention span, and discovered other avenues of artistic expression. But, things come full circle and I am back at home, while being at home, and writing the first issue of my new comic line.

Joseph Crowfoot will return!

 I am planning on making this title my flagship piece. The plan is to create six issues that can be compiled into a graphic novel, but if I can garner some interest, I will definitely submit it to some comic publishers. We’ll see if I can cut the mustard on it. Regardless, this is my calling- it combines all my previous passions for storytelling, visuals, drawing, design, cinematic sequentials, it simply has it all.

I’m experimenting with some technologies- such as using an iPad and Procreate (see the main image above), but I’m also working traditionally. I will say that my emphasis is on story—front and foremost.        

So… when can you plan on seeing something? I know I announce projects and then they end up dying. Not this one. I plan on sticking to it because I’ve had this character for many, many years, and have even talked about it in passing. Without delving into any spoilers (I want to finish the first comic- no point in spreading empty hype), I will tell you this: it’s occult detective series who happens to also monster hunt; it will reprise Joseph Crowfoot from Corner of the Mind’s Eye—the main character from my first feature film attempt. He’s not the lead character but will be a regular in this new series, and he will have the same powers. This is the same character, but 15 years later, so he’ll be about 53. Here's a clip from one of our rehearsals on the COTME set: 

I'm excited for this series because I have the first few books planned. I am working vigorously on the script to meet my self-imposed deadline of February 21st, at which time I'll start the art. Much of the character design is finished- like I said, I have been working on this for years. The lead character is female, and very, very capable. 

It comes down to this: I need a finished product to act as, well, a product to sell, and to double as my portfolio for my career. Yes, I am going to school for creative writing, but that ties right back into this, comics, my first love. However, like I had mentioned above, I want something to show- PAGES to show, no empty hype! I expect that my skill will improve each issue. I am looking into distribution avenues including self-publishing. 

In the end, I want to entertain you. The trick is doing the work.