Exorcising Old Ghosts with Brush, Pen, and Ink

It’s been an interesting few months since I’ve updated last. I have been working diligently in my sketchbook—which I will share with you right now (most of these lifted from my Instagram).

You can see I’ve been working hard at inking with traditional tools instead of the India Ink Pilot pens- which I love, but are inflexible when it comes to line thickness.

I’ve also been experimenting with style. Here are some cartoony ones that I had done a number of months ago, as well as an homage to G.I. JOE fan art. It is what it is… nothing is really refined. I also took some time to work on some pages from Brian K. Morris’ Masked Pilot story.

My largest project is an 88-page graphic novel. Accountability to myself is difficult; I have a wife and family, and a very demanding full-time job, and other responsibilities- I have precious little time to myself.

From time-to-time I get inquiries about working for a project. I’m humbled that people find my work valuable and appealing. However, when I join up, my personal projects are put on the back burner, and the result is an immense backlog of stories that remain hidden on notebooks and hard drives. I need to be selective. It is difficult.

With so many stories that I want to tell, I needed to cull my library of writing. I had a few contenders, but in the end, one stood out: my monster huntress story. Yes, the concept not new, but the character and synopsis are unique. Horror isn’t much my forte, but I like monster stories set in exotic locales, and my strategy to finish is to focus on ONE character doing ONE job- a personal struggle I share with the main character. I'm not ready to show her off yet, but I hope to have something by this fall.

A friend of mine told me a monster hunting story sounds therapeutic… maybe it is. I’ve dealt with many who have burned me in the past, so perhaps this is a way to exorcise old ghosts. I’ve certainly paid my dues… so now it’s my turn to get out there into the world.