Meaner Stance

I always love finding videos of people enjoying their Pontiac LeMans. I found this one- I really, REALLY like how they've done the front end- no bumper and black grille- it looks really aggressive:

The ONLY bad thing about this car is they put a Chevy 350 in it.  I realize he's still working on it, but it sounds like it's cutting out... aw well, as long as he's having fun with it- which it looks like he is.

I managed to get the wheel locks yesterday using a 19mm socket and breaker bar- came off like nobody's business.  After that I got the rallys on and my daughter even noticed it raised the car by 2 inches.  It's stance is more brawny and it's amazing how much difference tires and rims can improve the looks.
Used my cheap digital camera on these.  Here is the front looking back.

Back looking forward.

A detail showing how much they fill out the wheel well... SOOO much better!
My other brother-in-law Mitch offered to help me rebuild the engine- he has everything we'd need to do it... I'll definitely be taking him up on that offer.  He's been working on cars for over 30 years, so I know I'll learn a thing or two!  Maybe we'll be able to get this thing out on the street sooner than I thought- exciting!