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Location, location, location!

I'm going to start something new here, posting snapshots of areas I think that would be fantastic as locations.

This little dilapidated warehouse district is the one Mario DeAngelis is using for "Session: 1138"

But just around the corner was this great pothole strewn street with questionable powerlines and worn buildings.

This is closer to where I live- I pass by these tracks quite often and I love this backdrop. The watertower dominates the area, it is easily 6-8 stories high.

Well, I'll be adding more photos as I take them!

New Promises on the Horizon

2011 is going to be THE year- we're revamping and improving, wishing success to everyone we've worked with in the past and we're forging the new relationships to accomplish our goals this year.

We will be working on some new short films, and are planning our fourth year in the 48 Hour Film competition. I have also been talking to my old friend and film associate, Mario DeAngelis, about how we can finish up Southside of Elsewhere and submit it to the LA Action Film Festival. Lost Skies Productions has had a couple of bumps along the way, but we're now in the position to finish it up quickly.  I finished a rough cut a few months ago- we have a car chase scene in it and we need a few pick up exterior shots, and we're gathering audio for the sound design and are currently looking at some composers for the musical score.

I'm also helping Mario with a short film coming up in February.  More on that soon.

From there, the elusive "future-noir" is being re-w…