The Direction of My Heart

Anyone who claims they've never any failures is lying, delusional, or has never truly tried. Hard work and successes are built on layers of misfires, rejections, and failed aspirations. I've had the opportunity to do much soul searching in the last six months, and with it has come the realization that the one common denominator from all my crazy schemes, all my projects, all my attempts at getting some sort of production going, is that they all stem from my writing.

I have always written, but have never taken it seriously enough to see it as its own vehicle. To me, for the longest time, writing was an afterthought to the next Great Big Project—which rarely made it out alive in the execution phase. Case in point: all the filmmaking projects- plenty of scripts, plenty of research, failure to lens. From my filmmaking days I had written two feature length screenplays with three in development, a dozen short film scripts, a couple of tv pilot treatments, and had plenty of ideas on the shelf. Another was multiple attempts at making some sort of comic book series: either print or web... sometimes it was my loss of interest, other times it was due to a lame partnership. My first attempts can be traced back to high school, when I was designing an paper and pen RPG game.

A friend of mine had told me years ago that my success will come from what I do with my storytelling. I've had teachers tell my parents that my writing reminded them of their work when they were in college. I gravitate toward writers, and often they become my friends... I've edited many a script, offered crucial feedback, and critiqued many stories while I was in the guise of a storyboard artist.

It's time to follow my true self... my true calling.


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