More sketches from FB

Space Ranger Concept.
I was looking through my sketchbooks, and I realized one thing- I started drawing only 3/4 view heads. I think I was searching for a new 'style'.  I'll post some of those in the future, but I found that I was in a rut. Nothing really new, more like random doodles, I wasn't really exploring ideas or finishing anything that I was drawing. What happened?

It's frustrating. I've dedicated the past few years (and tears) to filmmaking- which has been fun, and has taught me many things about storytelling, cinematic visual language, timing, acting, lighting- all things that are in the best of comic books, but I've let my drawing abilities lag. I am extremely out of practice, and sometimes I beat myself up about "had I stuck with it, I'd be much better." I then have to remind myself that what I've learned while filmmaking is equally, if not more valuable than just working on technical skills.

Still, I look around and realize that I haven't done as much- or improved as much- as I wanted. I haven't accomplished what I had set out to do all those years ago when I was in school.  But that's a matter of hard work and focused direction... and I'm getting there!

SO as I try to figure that one out, I am posting a few of my last 'finished' drawings. I think taking that Kubert School Correspondence Course will go a long way to helping me find my groove again.

Barbarian sketch... I realized I was lacking a bit in anatomy.

My Space Ace drawing before photoshop colors.

My Street Mage drawing before photoshop colors.

60s sci-fi babe.


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