Vicariously living through my friends

New Filmmakers in Town
Back in February I had profiled Spanish filmmakers Sonia & Miriam Albert Sobrino's work on Ignoto- and of course I'm still amazed by it. They are both planning making the move from Spain to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah's Film Program starting this fall! I'm looking forward to meeting them and perhaps working with them.

From WVC to USC
My friend Tony Hendrichsen is more than talented- he's brilliant. So when I had heard he won the Youtube filmmakers challenge, I wasn't in the least bit surprised. The Challenge's grand prize was a month long workshop at USC's Creator Institute. Tony talks about his intense experience in his new VLOG.

Here is some of his work, starring Trevor "Bev" Hawkes and his two beautiful girls in this heart wrenching/warming piece of a widower on the brink of despair:

Tony had also won the Utah Film Commission's On The Spot commercial contest back in 2009 with this piece starring Bev and Emily Copier, which screened throughout Sundance the following January 2010:

I'm very proud and very excited for all my friends' accomplishments. Keep up the amazing work!


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